Dive in Your City

Due to either the inaccessibility to the sea, undiveable waters or you just want to avoid classroom and pool training sessions during your Vacations, we present you with “SCUBA in the CITY” which consists of PADI Course components which can be completed during free time in your City.

Adventures in Your City

Discover Scuba Dive

What is the DISCOVER SCUBA DIVE (DSD) programme?

DSD is an introductory dive which can be divided into pool training sessions and Open Water Dives (in the sea). During your Scuba in the city DSD Programme  you will complete  basic theory, Equipment Orientation and Dive Skill sets (which covers your pool training component). The open water dives can be done at a destination of your choice or sign up for your open water course.

If you are unsure about whether scuba is for you, this is the best place to start, in the non-variable conditions of the pool.

Confined Water Session

The DSD programme will last about 2 hours, and starts with the instructor or dive master showing you basic equipment procedures and swimming techniques before getting in the pool. Once you are comfortable with your equipment and breathing your instructor will demonstrate the following skills:

  • Regulator removal and replacement
  • Regulator recovery
  • Mask Partial Clearing
  • Alternate air source use
  • Practice swimming with your SCUBA equipment.

• You get a feel of Scuba in the comfort of a swimming pool which boosts confidence.
• You are prepared to start your Open Water Course with us as you have already taken the first steps.

PADI Open Water Course

Is the Introductory certification offered by  the PADI system of education, the course is broken into 3 sections

1.Theory Section is further dived into the 5 Modules.

2.Confined water (Pool sessions) are also dived into 5 modules corresponding to that of the Theory section.

3.Open water dives : cover 4 dives over a period of 2 days.

Your SCUBA in the CITY Open Water Course covers the Theory and Confined water training sessions, the open water component can be done at a later date with us in GOA or at a destination of your choice.

Confined Water Training For the Open Water Course


How does it work?

Spend two days with us in a classroom and the pool to complete all your theory and training dives under the supervision of our instructors. You will be taught the physics and physiology of what goes on in your body as you explore this magical world. You will also learn how the equipment works and how you will use it safely for you and the environment.


• You get to study the theory of SCUBA through eLearning or in a classroom close to your home (step 1)
• You get to learn SCUBA in the comfort of a swimming pool in your home city (step 2)
• You are better prepared (knowledge, ability, comfort, confidence) to make your training dives in the Open Sea (step 3)
• You have more flexibility in managing your time when planning your diving holiday

What is next?

After your pool training you come dive-ready to Goa / Murudeshwar and complete your Open Water Dives with us or you may complete it at another destination as part of the universal PADI referral program to get your PADI diving license.

Start with eLearning

With eLearning you study the theory at home online, at your pace, and schedule. To start with the e- learning contact us and we will send you the required material and the instructor will be available for your queries over the weekends.

Re-Activate Programme

If you haven’t dived for more than 3 months or you are planning a dive trip and you feel you could do with a confidence boost, sign up now for the PADI Re-Activate program, you will have the opportunity to Practice the basics you learnt during your open water course and fine tune your buoyancy. This confined water session is perfect to get back on that sea horse.

How does it work?

A trip down memory lane, back to when you were first introduced into the magical world of SCUBA Diving, your instructor will refresh your memory with the theory of diving and then you will have the opportunity to practice and refine your water skills with your Instructor in the pool.


  • Sharpen your dive skills before a dive holiday
  • Update your dive knowledge with new PADI standards.
  • Excellent platform from which to further your dive Education.
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